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The SPARE project is developing a framework to provide rapid access to and use of available metadata on trade and human-animal contact structures to identify pathways of potential risk of incursion and/or spread for different mechanisms of animal disease transmission in Europe. This framework will provide invaluable information for risk assessors in the first instances of a disease outbreak where typically information on imports and routes of entry and potential for spread is undertaken on a case-by-case basis.


The project sets out to integrate the available metadata within a risk assessment framework comprised of a release, exposure and consequence assessment, together with a component investigating available biosecurity measures within the system and encompassing all areas of the project, a communication network to promote discussion and exchange between data providers, including the development of standardized data exchange protocols, ultimately encouraging an integrated early warning system.

WP3 Vector Competence


Available datasets on insect vector
presence will be combined with other indicators to capture the environmental niche of the vector.

WP2 Exposure & Consequence


Assess the potential for exposure of domestic livestock and/or humans by identification of
the key risk pathways between points of EU incursion and across EU borders.

WP1 Release Assessment


Identify high-risk entry points into Europe Union by the development of a spatially explicit risk assessment.

WP4 Biosecurity Measures


Assess alternative surveillance scenarios to investigate change in detection probability.

WP5 Communication Networks


Provide recommendations on the standardisation of datasets and reporting in order to achieve a unified approach across the EU.

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